We need your stories!

Gower image

As I mentioned in my last post, as a part of the choreographic film-Who is the land, I am making with Stacie Lee Bennett for display at the National Maritime Museum, we are asking people for stories, tales and anecdotes that tell us of their connection to the sea. We are also inviting people to tell us of any place they know of, have discovered or stumbled across that they would consider to be a local treasure or hidden gem (that they wouldn’t mind sharing of course).


We have had two postcards made that people can respond on and post back to us, we are also welcoming responses via email, letter, Twitter and Facebook. We hope to utilise these stories within our installation exhibition, which will be in the RE·THINK artist studio at the National Maritime Museum between Dec 2015-April 2016.

Sea postcard

Land postcard


If you would like to contribute to the project you can:

– Request to be sent a postcard (via email)

– Email your response to: whoistheland@rmg.co.uk

– Tweet us using #whoistheland

– Respond on Facebook

We are hoping to hear from as many people as possible so please do send us a response and share with your friends, family and networks. We thank you in advance for your contribution to Who is the land.

I will be reporting soon on our latest filming expeditions to the Isle of Arran and south coast of Cornwall.

Until then.