Reporting Back

Dates: March 2018 – February 2019

Reporting Back: Tales from Travellers’ Tails was the final part of the Travellers’ Tails programme. The museum and the public reflected on big questions about colonial exploration during the time Stubbs’ was producing the paintings of the kangaroo and the dingo, and museum partners and artists previously involved in the project returned to take part in this final phase.

The Captain Cook Memorial Museum displayed the replica painting of the dingo produced by Anna Don. Royal Museum Greenwich hosted the final discussion: The Full Picture, in the Queen’s House on the opening weekend of the new Endeavour galleries, and a Massive Open Access Online Course (MOOC) entitled Confronting Captain Cook: Memorialisation in museums and public spaces has been produced for the public to continue to explore questions about the legacies of the voyages to the Pacific Details on the MOOC can be found here: