New Explorer Family Workshops

Claire Kirk

Hello there. I’m Claire Kirk and I have been helping our fantastic Choreographer-in-Residence, Beth Peters, organise dance and movement workshops for our new ‘Explorer Families’.

The Explorer Family workshops are experimental – designed to test out a new strand of family programming. The aim is that the Explorer Families collaborate with Beth to shape the Museum’s RE·THINK space and its future activities for families. 7 families have signed up to take part in this exciting new programme, agreeing to give us some valuable feedback along the way.

All workshops are inspired by Stubbs’ new world paintings of a Kangaroo and a Dingo but will look at exploration and discovery in a broader sense too. How does it feel to journey into the unknown? What is like to encounter something entirely new? How would you record and communicate your experiences to others?

Stubbs' Dingo 1772

George Stubbs, Portrait of a Large Dog (Dingo), 1772

Stubbs' Kangaroo, 1772

George Stubbs, The Kongouro from New Holland (Kangaroo), 1772

Last week saw the first of these sessions, when we hopped like kangaroos, prowled like dingoes and even pretended we were being inflated like Stubbs’ kangaroo skin.

The next session ‘Landscape Expeditions: Dance and drawing’ will be on Sunday 21 June. Watch this space to find out how it goes!