Guest blog post: Lisa Pook, Ice Warrior is coming to The Queen’s House

In February 2015 the Ice Warrior team will trek 800 miles to the centre of the Arctic Ocean. This is a world first and involves ordinary people from all walks of life.


My presentation at the Lost in Translation seminar next week will focus on the who and why of the expedition with insights into training for such a task. I will also look at Arctic exploration since the 1400’s and what drives the human race to visit such extreme climates. Relaying an expedition to people back home is particularly tough in the Arctic due to satellite coverage, I will talk through the technology that we will take with us and the importance of new technology and media to help the team tell our story while we are on the ice.  Find out more by following my blog via or on twitter @pookielondon


Blogpost written by Lisa Pook, Expedition Team Member

Lisa will be speaking at the Lost in Translation seminar at The Queen’s House on Thursday 9 October. For more information and to book click here.

The Travellers’ Tails seminar series will investigate key questions around the history of art, science and exploration, and what this means today, drawing on George Stubbs’s ‘Kangaroo’ and ‘Dingo’ paintings recently acquired by the National Maritime Museum. In conversation with artists, scientists, explorers and museum professionals, consider the nature of 18th-century exploration and how these histories can be experienced in a modern museum setting.