Dear Lewisham

Dear Lewisham,

Thank you so much for having us.

Over the last few days I’ve been disassembling the pop-up museum ready to ship the contents back to the National Maritime Museum for use in other parts of the Travellers’ Tails programme. This has given me the chance, as I watched the replica Dingo carried out of the shop by Roger, Tim and Neftali (thank you!) and swept feathers from the craft activities off the floor, to reflect on how much I’ve enjoyed this project.

I’ve enjoyed talking to the people of Lewisham who have been so incredibly generous with their thoughts and time. You’ve told us how to prepare breadfruit, about your time in the Navy and how to use a stick chart.

I’ve enjoyed working with our amazing artists (Dan, Simon and Vic) and our incredible team of shop managers (Erica, Colin, Albert, Helen, Katie and Mercy, thank you!). I’ve enjoyed seeing our fantastic volunteers engage the public in our Handling Collection, showcase the octant and dream up new, imaginative craft activities.

Thank you too to the team at Lewisham Shopping Centre: Sony, Paul and Gordon and all the staff who’ve been so patient and supportive.

But this isn’t quite the end of the pop-up. Our Travellers’ Tails artists in residence, Cracked Light, will be running a Pop-up Museum takes over the Queen’s House weekend on 5th and 6th August. This will showcase all the art created by the people of Lewisham in the pop-up. There’ll be a Crossing the Line ceremony, exciting soundscapes and digital projections in this C16th art gallery space, live bands and a picnic on the Lawns of the Queen’s House. So do come along and join us in celebrating this project.