An introduction to Travellers’ Tails

Travellers’ Tails is a collaboration between Royal Museums Greenwich and four partner museums to investigate the history of exploration, art and science inspired by the National Maritime Museum’s recent acquisitions: The Kongouro from New Holland (Kangaroo) and Portrait of a Large Dog (Dingo). These paintings by George Stubbs (1724–1806) are a product of Captain Cook’s first voyage to the Pacific and the earliest images of these animals in Western art.

The project brings together artists, scientists, explorers and museum professionals to investigate the nature of exploration in the Enlightenment era, how this multitude of histories can be explored and experienced in a gallery, heritage and museum setting and to question what exploration means today.

From March 2015 to June 2016 ‘The Kangaroo’ embarked on its own voyage of discovery, touring to each of the four partner museums to draw out different themes by being displayed alongside their own unique collections.

A programme of exciting activities, residencies and displays continues at Royal Museums Greenwich.

  • Thank you, Lewisham – together you made it!

    By Helen Robertson, Organic Conservator Great news: with all your help you have collectively completed the gilding of the frame which will soon house the collaborative Dingo wax painting. It …

  • Walking, Writing

    I like explorations that allow me to look differently at objects. Physicality of an object is for me as important as the object’s potential. How does it taste? How does …

  • Wax Painting Workshops

    Adele Wright is a Paintings Conservator at Royal Museums Greenwich. I led interactive demonstrations on how to paint on wax, hoping to re-create Stubbs’ Dingo with the help of visitors …

  • Waves and Sound
    A Story in Sound

    A Story in Sound by Dan Rollings There is a wealth of stories to be told about Cook, Banks and Stubbs. The Portrait of a Large Dog and The Kongouro …